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      Do you have an Apple watch, Samsung device, amazon echo, a form of technology that you use to help you if you fall or need assistance? What do you consider the pros and cons?

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      Syed Asnian Hussain

      No i don’t have these devices

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      I would love to get an Apple watch since it does have the best fall detection sensor on the market but the price is something that makes me think twice before buying and I also need an iPhone which I don’t have. From what I’m reading all it does is detect the fall, ask you if you’re okay and if not it will call the person you have as an emergency contact.  But really all you need is a smartwatch that can call and is water resistance. Personally, I don’t like wearing stuff on my wrist but the Apple watch with the sports strap made it feel like it wasn’t even on.  So If I can find a strap that allows me to not notice it I’m all for it to get a smartwatch because it will be very valuable to when we fall since we won’t have our phone on us all the time.

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        Hey Garry, I agree the price can be a lot! I wonder if insurance would cover the price?

        I did not know the Apple watch had the best fall detection sensor, that is so cool! I personally use a Samsung phone and I love it, so I hoping that Samsung will come out with something similar.

        Right now I use a guardian, if I fall I push the button on my necklace and it calls someone to help me. It is a monthly payment but maybe it would be better to get a device that recognizes when I say it’s name instead of needing to physically push a button, in case I fall and cannot move, I can still use my voice hopefully.

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          I wish I had insurance lol but I do have family and relatives who don’t mind pitching in if I decide to get one but I want to be sure that I find a smartwatch that suits my needs.

          I also have a Samsung. Been using one for the last 10 years almost lol. If it comes down to the Apple watch then I might have to switch to an iPhone ahh.

          That’s pretty cool, a guardian. I never heard of that before. Its basically like a smartwatch since it calls people still. I’m not sure if the voice part is always active on smartwatches since that could drain the battery.

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      Syed Asnian Hussain

      Hi my name is syed Asnian i am from India i was diagnosed at 17 with a muscular dystrophy form called LGMD my health is weaken day by day.I am belongs to a poor family and i am also a student.I cannot afford so much for i need help please give help.

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