• Phil rosenstein

    July 21, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    It is actually funny you mention this. I just turned 50 three weeks ago.  And I just had my first colonoscopy last week. I did things a little differently than most Americans. I did it without anesthesia. That is how most people do it in Europe, but in the USA less than 1% of people do it without anesthesia.


    I chose this way because I don’t have anyone to give me a ride to and from the hospital and that is required by the hospital. They don’t even like people using a taxi service – they were worried I would fall asleep in the taxi or would fall getting out of it or would fall in my home before getting to the bed. They really wanted me to get a ride from a friend or neighbor or someone else I trust. I figured I use to be an endurance athlete and I have a high threshold for pain, I can handle it.


    So I chose to do it without anesthesia. I had read articles written by others who have done it this way. And thankfully my experience largely lined up with theirs.  It really wasn’t bad at all. The entire procedure took 20 minutes. For 19 minutes, the pain level was at or below 1 out of 10. There was a minute or so where the scope has to go around some bends and the pain would reach maybe 5 out of 10. A bit tougher but still certainly manageable.


    The anesthesiologist was there in case I changed my mind in the middle. He said there wouldn’t be that much difference he would use for me versus an average person. He would just use a different drug and use a lower dosage. So, the muscular dystrophy patient might not be completely unconscious like many of his average patients are. He made it sound like it is no big deal for him to have to deal with the recommended guidelines for the muscular dystrophy patient.

    • Jerry Quintana

      May 9, 2021 at 12:27 am

      I’m scheduled for a Colonoscopy this week. My concern is that the establishment has not contacted me with Bowel preparedness. Time is of essence.  I should be in prep mode for Tuesday.  I may just reschedule.

      I have had OPMD (Oculpharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy for approximately 10 years.  This rare disease is primarily infectious in Spain, Quebec & northern NM. My ancestors are from Spain. Dad, his sister & brother acquired the disease.

      Yes, I’m familiar with how devastating this desease is, & expectations. I have the exact symptoms; as all.

      I currently live in La Quinta,  CA. (Near Palm Springs). 2hrs from LA & San Diego.  Very glad that I’am a member of this wonderful group..

      Jerry Quintana..I’ll attach pic once I figure it out..thank you

  • Leah Leilani

    July 22, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    I wasn’t aware that a person could choose whether or not to be anesthetized but I think it is a good option for those of us with MD.

    My mom had a Colonoscopy a couple years ago and wasn’t knocked out by the anesthesia so she was awake the entire time as well. She too has a high pain tolerance and wasn’t bothered by being awake during the procedure.

    It sounds like your anesthesiologist that was on stand by would’ve done what the anesthesiologist in my last surgery did which was to use an alternative drug and only give me a small dose.


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