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      How many of you have had a dentist say that it seems like you brush one side of your mouth more than the other? I recently got a cleaning and some work done, and the dentist said there was more build-up on one side of my mouth. Either I brush one side more, or I eat on one side more than the other? If you have had this issue, how did you solve it? My arms get tired due to my FSHD, trying to hold them up to brush can be tiring. Do you have a special toothbrush or one that has cleaned better, in your opinion?

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      Ralph Yaniz

      I could be wrong but I thought it was more an issue of eating rather than brushing. I know for me one side is definitely used more and therefore there is more normal wearing out of teeth. And I know I have a tendency definitely to chew more with one side of my mouth.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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