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      If I sleep for 6 or more hours I usually cannot sleep past 8 AM. This is true whether I go to bed at 8:00 PM or 2:00 AM. Even when I was younger I would wake up early at sleepovers and I was always the first one up at sleep away camp.

      I am curious about how much it has to do with muscular dystrophy. How many people are early risers? How many people sleep in and stay up late? How many hours of sleep do you require to feel rested? Do you require naps during the day and does that affect your sleep at night?

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      Ralph Yaniz

      I probably fall asleep around 1030 and wake at 630, so 8 hours. And on most days if I’m home I doze at some point. Anywhere from a 10 minute nap to an hour. A nap helps tremendously! By bedtime my muscles are tired.

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