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  • travis

    February 8, 2020 at 12:19 pm

    I wanted to state my stance on the super bowl. Even though I was very busy in the other room with math homework for the majority of it. I find Demi Lovato to have quite the talent for singing. I know I could never sing like her. Unfortunately I only had time to see a few commercials, so I’ll have to go watch some of them on YouTube soon.
    Frankly I was a bit appalled at the halftime show. I will have to agree though, Jlo and Shakira are great performers. But does being a great performer give you a reason to dance for millions of people in a sexually suggestive manner? I mean, if it’s just show for grown men then fine. But pretty much EVERYONE including children are most likely watching with their parents.
    I didn’t feel comfortable enough to watch the whole thing, I left the room after a few minutes of seeing Shakira. Go ahead, you can call me sensitive. I just desire to show women respect and not view them as objects. Much of what happened next I heard from my parents and their friend. But I would say that I agree with how they felt.
    I simply find the way these two women dressed to be suggestive. And they danced provocatively, too much for me personally. I imagine there are plenty of young girls who find these women to be role models. It’s just a shame that things had to be so racy. We have many impressionable young men and women out there. And to an extent, I don’t think this performance helped much against sexual exploitation of women.
    I can’t change the world, but I can state my opinion. I feel that these women could have taken the higher ground and not stoop so low, although Shakira is know for belly dancing. The world is changing and it seems as though fewer and fewer people are standing up for what is right or rather, better.

  • leah-leilani

    February 8, 2020 at 12:31 pm

    Travis, I know how you feel. During the Super Bowl I was at a friend’s house and there were kids there who were watching the halftime show. I was shocked and disappointed that their parents let them watch such a risqué performance. I personally felt like I was watching strippers in a club. There are so many other powerful woman to have as role models that unfortunately don’t have the fame the JLo and Shakira have. It’s a shame that women still feel the need to show themselves off like that in order to succeed in their careers.

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