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      Just a few moments ago, after I let my physical therapist in for our session, I fell. Right in front of her! The way I fell was extremely painful, I landed on one side of my butt and a pain like being kicked started to radiate. She helped me up and put me back in bed. Unfortunately I have to be on my stomach so I can take the pressure off where I fell and so I can apply ice.

      What do you do when you have fallen and can no longer do the things you wanted for the day? Have you had to lay on your stomach, or a position that makes it impossible to do the things you need? What are the consequences of when you fall, besides the pain?

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      Ralph Yaniz

      Other than my annual physical, the only time I have had to get any medical treatment over the last few years is after a fall. My most recent fall about six months ago led to a severely torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I am still healing this and may be about 85% at this point. I know there will be other falls in the future and it’s hard to prepare yourself because as we know, they come on suddenly and unexpectedly.

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      Janee’ Sconiers

      I fell in September and broke my fibula. Two weeks prior had bragged about no broken bones in my 57 years. I don’t fall a lot, maybe four or five times, since symptoms reared their ugly heads. This one made up for it. In bed for two weeks, cast then boot. I’m fine now healed on its own, no pins and no surgery. It’s such a weird, unexplainable feeling to have with no warning and your leg collapse. I’m really worried now.  Hope you recover quickly.

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      So suddenly! My brain doesn’t even have time to think about what to do! Have you found a way to fall “gracefully”, if that even is a thing, lol.

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      Oh no! That recovery sounded tough! Have you noticed that the leg is weaker now since recovering for two weeks in bed?

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      Pete Barron

      Falls are by nature out of control, so whenever they happen we tend to get hurt. I figured out a long time ago that the closer to the ground I am the less they hurt. Therefore I spend most of my time sitting!

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      Janee’ Sconiers

      Yes. My ankle is not as strong, I can feel this. My brother who has lgmd2l like myself said “to learn to roll with my falls.” I just laughed out loud. I like Pete’s suggestion too.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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