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      My joystick was malfunctioning due to a fall I had where I grabbed it on the way down, and it broke. My power chair turned on but wasn’t moving. I was worried because I have two jobs that require my physical presence and ability to use a chair to be there. I also have been very sick recently and had several doctor appointments for which I had to use my walker instead of the safety of my chair.
      Anytime I try to walk, I risk falling because I wasn’t using my powerchair. We found someone who rents/sells wheelchairs and parts. He charged us $400 just to rent the joystick. I felt he took advantage of my desperate situation. I know that joysticks are some of the most expensive parts of a wheelchair. I am hoping there will be reimbursement by insurance.

      Have you ever rented mobility equipment? Did the price seem fair? Did your insurance cover the cost? What has been your experience renting mobility devices?

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      Leah Leilani

      I wasn’t even aware you could rent a part for a wheelchair! That’s great to know in case something breaks. $400 is a lot in my opinion though. I’d love to know the reason behind that price point. Perhaps the joystick was difficult for him to acquire or he did purely rip you off. I wouldn’t put it past people these days. Hopefully it can be written off as a medical expense. You’ll have to keep us updated.

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      It was a bit of both, a difficult part to find and a rip-off. I am still waiting for some features stuck in China but hoping they will make it this way soon!


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