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      Have you ever shot a gun? Does your family own firearms? Have you been trained to fire weapons either for work or for personal reasons? Do guns make you uncomfortable? Do you live somewhere with strict gun laws or people aren’t allowed to have guns?

      My dad is a retired police officer, so I have been to the gun range a few times. I enjoy shooting at targets but do not believe I could ever shoot at a person or an animal. I can’t lift my arms above my head, so I had to lean my elbows on the table and shoot with them resting.

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      Leah Leilani

      I went to a shooting range once with my boyfriend and my friend. I shot a 22 glock because those were the lightest weight bullets. I missed the target horrible because of the kick back and my muscles were shaking lol. It was fun while it lasted but it made me extremely tired.

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      Pete Barron

      I grew up in the country so shooting was pretty common. These days I don’t like the noise or the loose power that some people like. I do feel uncomfortable when I’m around people who are “packing heat” as they say. If everybody having guns makes you feel more comfortable, then you would love living in Afganistan!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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