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      Do you have something on your accessible vehicle that lets people know either you need space for a ramp or a person with a disability, not including a disability place card? I have a small magnet on my van’s side that lets people know I need space for a ramp. I saw a man once tie a traffic cone to his van and put it on the white-lined spaces to prevent people from parking there. He told me it had been stolen before, though. I recently tried to print a larger sign and create my own car magnet that says “RAMP” and the access icon symbol. How do you let people know you need space for your ramp or wheelchair? Do you use magnets or stickers on your car? Did you have to custom make them? Was it expensive?


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      Pete Barron

      I drive a rear entry Honda van. I paid $25,000 for it 3 years ago when it was 10 years old. I put stickers and signs on the ramp that I bought at a safety equipment store. In parking lots the rear entry is easy and I can park anywhere. When I park on the street I try to find a place at the back of a line of cars so I can’t be blocked. I have an orange cone on an 8′ string that I hook to the bumper to preserve space behind me if it’s tight. I have gotten a couple of tickets for “incorrect” parking when I was just making sure I wouldn’t get blocked. I argued with the police about them, but still had to pay them. The rest of the world does not understand how it is to be stranded and not be able to get in or out of your car! Yes these mobility vans are over priced, but they can get that price because they are so necessary for our mobility.

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        I am surprised that you could not get out of the ticket after explaining it to the police. That angers me because you were protecting your vehicle and yourself. Although neither of you was at fault that parking is difficult for accessible van users, it is already so expensive being disabled no need to add fines to that!

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      Leah Leilani

      I agree that that shouldn’t have happen to you, Pete. I wonder if you could’ve contacted the Chief officer and let him know about your situation or maybe a local Disability Rights law office. But unfortunately, sometimes things are better left alone and not made into a more complex problem. Still, it shouldn’t have happened and there needs to be much more education about wheelchair accessible parking in my opinion.

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