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      Leah Leilani

        Although society has come a long way in defying gender roles, I feel as though there is still a narrative that marriage and having kids = happiness. Particularly for women recently.

        This can be harmful to people who are unable to achieve these so-called “life goals.”

        Columnist, Sherry Toh from SMA News eloquently put into words exactly how I’ve felt about womanhood and the ableism that exists in conversations involving disability and fertility. 

        Read her column “How Elevating the Tradition Family Dynamic Fails the Disabled.

        Do you feel personally bothered and/or affected by traditional expectations? Tell us your personal experiences with these toxic ideals. If you’re a man, trans or non-binary, we’d also like to hear how this topic affects you too.

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        It is hard for many to be seen as a caregiver because women mostly do it. I have seen this change with people becoming more accepting of the changing gender roles. Unfortunately, many in power and those getting older are not as keen on the changing roles of males, females, etc. I think most people have to look past the roles and ask if it is not affecting their life, hurting them, or negatively impacting them, they shouldn’t have any opinion on the matter. But with social media, everyone has something to say about everything!

    Viewing 1 reply thread
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