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      It is recommended that you wear your mask if you have to leave your home here in the United States. What is it like in your country? Do you have difficulty putting on a mask? Do you require assistance? Do you find it difficult to breathe, or does it slip off your face?

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      Pete Barron

      My wife made me a mask with one wide elastic strap that I can slip on and off by myself. Now my only problem is fogged glasses! I do miss seeing peoples’ faces though,…

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      I agree with Pete. It is hard to tell how someone feels when you can’t see their mouth. The interesting thing about my type of MD (FSHD) is that my facial muscles are weak, and people have a hard time deciphering my emotions because my face can look one way. I kind of feel like the playing field is even now that people will have to use words instead of relying on how someone looks. Just a different perspective!

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      Leah Leilani

      I am a glasses wearer as well and the foggy glasses is a real problem. If your glasses are too close to your face they fog up, if they’re too far away from your face they look and feel odd.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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