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  • garry

    February 16, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    I use a Power wheelchair and going to the mall is what I find enjoyable during the winter because it’s warm, your in a social setting, ground is smooth for the wheelchair lol, there is always a washroom available if you need to use. I live in a big city so there’s a service that does door to door and I make sure my destination is in a mild to heavy foot traffic which means the sidewalks should be shovelled. If I’m travelling on the streets I will not make an attempt to go thru snow because I will get stuck but If I’m with someone who is willing to push me thru then I will give it a go. For staying warm in the wheelchair I make sure I’m layered up, no skin is exposed especially ears, face, neck, and hands. I’ve been meaning to pick up a blanket for my legs and feet since I’ve seen others use it but I haven’t found one I like. When there is a snowstorm I cancel and reschedule my rides and appointments because it takes the city too long to get everything plowed and shovelled.

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