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      What do you all do in the winter? What issues have you had with snow, ice, and cold weather? What advice, tips, or tricks do you have for maneuvering in the winter, snow/ice covered sidewalks. and how to stay warm in your wheelchair?  Do you dislike staying inside but are fearful of getting stuck in the snow?

      Opinion: Sidewalks are a Human Right: The City Should Clear Our Sidewalks. 

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      I use a Power wheelchair and going to the mall is what I find enjoyable during the winter because it’s warm, your in a social setting, ground is smooth for the wheelchair lol, there is always a washroom available if you need to use. I live in a big city so there’s a service that does door to door and I make sure my destination is in a mild to heavy foot traffic which means the sidewalks should be shovelled. If I’m travelling on the streets I will not make an attempt to go thru snow because I will get stuck but If I’m with someone who is willing to push me thru then I will give it a go. For staying warm in the wheelchair I make sure I’m layered up, no skin is exposed especially ears, face, neck, and hands. I’ve been meaning to pick up a blanket for my legs and feet since I’ve seen others use it but I haven’t found one I like. When there is a snowstorm I cancel and reschedule my rides and appointments because it takes the city too long to get everything plowed and shovelled.

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