Stanford University Announces New Online Course In Stem Cell-Based Therapeutics

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by Margarida Azevedo, MSc |

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Researchers have been exploring the use of stem cell therapeutics for the treatment of severe conditions such as type 1 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Muscular Dystrophy.

There are several types of stem cells that scientists think may be used in different ways to develop treatments for muscular dystrophy. The main stem-cell-based approaches currently under investigation include:

  1. Production of healthy muscle fibres: Scientists hope that if stem cells lacking the genetic defect responsible for DMD can be delivered into patients’ muscles, they may generate working muscle fibres to replace the patient’s damaged ones.
  2. Reducing inflammation: In muscular dystrophy, damaged muscles become very inflamed. This inflammation speeds up muscle degeneration. Scientists believe certain types of stem cells may release chemicals that reduce inflammation, slowing disease progression.

Professionals can now learn more on stem cell research and recent breakthroughs in the field with experts from Stanford University, whit a new professional course called Stem Cell Therapeutics, which will be available online. The course will involve an in- depth understanding of the available stem cell-based therapies and how they are advanced, developed and delivered to patients.

Michele Calos, a Genetics Professor in the School of Medicine at Stanford, is leading the team of course instructors. Her work is based on the research, development and clinical application of stem cell therapies, with the use of sequence-specific integration techniques. “Our dream is to develop therapies in the lab that are translatable to clinical use,” she said in a recent news. “Some of the laboratory strategies we will share with course participants have a real chance to evolve into clinical trials to treat some of the worst diseases of humankind.”

The course is available worldwide and details about the stem cell industry will be taught by guest lecturers. This course, which explores the recent advances in the fields of genomics and genetics, provides a great chance for professionals who want to expand their current stem-cell knowledge.

Stem Cell Therapeutics will present their advances in the field of organ and tissue function restoring for the treatment of patients suffering with chronic and genetic disorders as well as serious injuries. The participants will acquire knowledge on the identification and different foundations of stem cells, key components of gene editing, and practices for the design and generation of human iPS cells.

Details about the online certificate program can be found at