Margarida Azevedo, MSc,  —

Margarida graduated with a BS in Health Sciences from the University of Lisbon and a MSc in Biotechnology from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-UL). She worked as a molecular biologist research associate at a Cambridge UK-based biotech company that discovers and develops therapeutic, fully human monoclonal antibodies.

Articles by Margarida Azevedo

New CDC Guidelines Address Emerging Needs of Duchenne Care

As new diagnostic tools and treatments help patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) live into adulthood, new challenges arise in areas like education, independence, personal relationships, health, and intimacy. To address the emerging needs of patients, caregivers and physicians of DMD patients, the Centers for Disease Control and…

Plasticity Becomes Authorized Care Provider for Children with MD in Special Florida Program

Plasticity Brain Centers has become an authorized care provider for children and young adults with muscular dystrophy and other rare disorders who receive Gardiner Scholarships from the State of Florida. In addition to those with rare diseases, the scholarships allow youngsters with developmental disorders and other conditions to attend a private school or…