Life With Muscular Dystrophy: Bryan’s Story

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by Wendy Henderson |

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In this 2009 video from the Council for Exceptional Children, 14-year-old Bryan Arnold from Anchorage, Alaska talks about what it’s like living with muscular dystrophy and how important it is to educate other kids about life with a disability.

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Bryan is just like any other teenager, except he’s in a wheelchair. He really wants his peers to see him and not just the chair. In this moving video he talks about what it’s like growing up with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and how difficult it is fitting in at high school. The film was used as an educational tool for schools around the country to help raise awareness of Duchenne MD, help others see children with disabilities as equals and to help their peers be more inclusive and accepting.

Bryan hopes to go to college and wants to work in advertising. He hopes that this video will show other teenagers that kids with muscular dystrophy and other disabilities have hopes and dreams for the future, just like them.

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