Advocacy, MD, and Dealing with the US Healthcare System

I have limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2L (LGMD2L). My previous column, “I Live Creatively to Power Past Obstacles,” discussed how I live with my limitations. For me, the biggest challenge is navigating the world outside my home. But dealing with our disjointed healthcare system is also an issue.

I’m Not Letting My Fear of Surgery Control My Life

For several years, I’ve been feeling nauseated in the mornings after I eat breakfast. Whatever food item occupies my plate that morning — be it a chocolate chip muffin with a few strawberries or an apple with a side of yogurt — inevitably upsets my stomach. Fruits of any kind…

Experiencing the Healing Effects of Medical Marijuana

Last year, I wrote about the unfortunate side effects of the medication Lyrica (pregabalin), which I’ve been taking for my fibromyalgia pain. For a while now, I’ve considered the option of switching out my medication for medical marijuana.  I’m familiar with the use of cannabis for therapeutic…