Saying Goodbye to Eye Strain, Thanks to Blue-light Glasses

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Technology is an essential tool I use both in my social life and to be more productive at work. While it can make certain things I struggle with easier, it also has its ups and downs, just like everything in life.

My daytime hours are spent staring at screens as I chip away at work duties and scroll through various apps. By nightfall, my eyes are usually fatigued beyond relief from the blue light of the screens. I feel like I should tape my eyelids open to keep them from closing, like that popular meme of Tom the Cat. Longing for rest, my eyes start to feel like bowling balls inside my skull.

To my astonishment, these symptoms weren’t another of my unexplained medical oddities. Other people deal with the same issue, and there may even be a solution.

I had heard rumors that a new product called blue-light glasses could relieve eye strain. Coincidentally, I had an appointment with my optometrist, and as I entered the office, I noticed the receptionist’s glasses and commented on them. Thanking me, she explained that they were blue-light glasses, and that she had received significant benefits from them.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, not enough studies have been done to determine whether blue-light filtering significantly relieves eye strain. But my doctor suggested trying a pair to see if they would help. He noted that the selection of glasses he sells are made with quality materials, whereas filters in cheaper brands may deteriorate more quickly.

The pair I selected had many unique characteristics I liked, such as flexibility and a light weight from a titanium frame. The lightweight construction also helps to prevent the glasses from sliding down the bridge of my nose. Another aspect I liked was the design, which compliments the shape of my face.

It took about 24 hours for me to notice an improvement in my eye strain, but once I did, it was magical. My eyes felt much better, and I was able to scroll much for freely. My eyes no longer resisted against the blue rays of light. My tension headaches also have subsided, much to my relief.

Blue-light glasses come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a YouTube video I found helpful while doing my research.

Like my wheelchair, my glasses have helped to restore quality of life by alleviating my limitations. I now find myself with one less medical issue to deal with, which is a monumental gain.


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