Here’s How I Host Parties While Still Caring for My Body

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These days it’s more difficult than ever to hang out with my friends. They’re all working hard to pay bills and get through college. It’s rare that we can all take a day off to catch up. That makes the little time we spend together special. 

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A couple of times each year, I clear my schedule, conserve my energy, and invite everyone over for a few hours of food, games, and quality time. 

(Courtesy of Leah Leilani)

Since grade school, my friends have always been around to help me, whether by looking out for potholes or getting me a drink. They are so aware of my needs that I don’t even have to ask for their assistance anymore. Before I know it, they’ve opened the door for me or pulled a chair out from a table. Without their help, our little parties would be too strenuous for my parents and me to host. 

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If you want to round up a bunch of 20-somethings, good food is the way to do it. Pizza at every party quickly got boring, so Pinterest and Tasty have been key to finding creative meal ideas. Things like taco bars or campfire cones are excellent because everyone can contribute by bringing an ingredient. The guests will enjoy putting together their own meal. This way, the host is free of the stress of cooking an entire feast. Delegating tasks like this is important so that I can focus my energy on time with my friends. 

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My backyard is THE place for entertaining. Our enormous fireplace and lush landscape create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for parties. My friends and family get to enjoy the privacy and peace that they wouldn’t experience at a beach bonfire. Having a backyard like this eliminates the stress of going over to someone else’s non-wheelchair-accessible home; struggling to maneuver through narrow doorways and scraping people’s furniture can suck the fun out of any gathering. Also, hosting parties at my home gives me the freedom to go indoors to rest. 

(Courtesy of Leah Leilani)

Many blessings in my life add up to make me the positive person I am. My friends are most definitely at the top of the list. Prioritizing time with them is imperative to maintaining our relationships.


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