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      Today my occupational therapist suggested I get a cane specifically for my car to help me pump gas alone. Usually, I hold on to the side of my car and try and squeeze my core, so I don’t lose balance and fall. She also gave me a small handle attachment that you can put on your door to give you more stability when getting in and out.

      Do you have a device that helps you do daily activities? Where do you keep it, what prompted you to use it?

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      I have the thing that you hook to car door to help get out of car.  Best thing I ever bought.  If going in someone else’s car I just take it with me

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      Leah Leilani

      That’s so interesting. I’ve never heard of such a device. I should recommend this to my mom who is unstable on her feet when she’s weak. She uses a crutch to stabilize herself when she doesn’t have to walk too far.

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      Pete Barron

      I use a cane seat. When you walk it is a regular cane, but when you want to sit you kick out the two other legs and a small seat comes out. I perch on it when I need to be out on my feet for a bit, (like when I pump gas.) It’s not something I could comfortably sit on for more than 10 minutes or so, but covers the short walks. I have one at home and one that travels in my car. They cost less than $50 at mobility stores.

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      Jerry Quintana

      Costco gas attendants will pump your gas once you display your handicap placard. Give them a couple of horn honks, to get their attention. They are extremely helpful and courteous.

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        Leah Leilani

        That’s a great resource! I never knew this! Thank you for sharing.

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      Hi all, I a new in this community, I have suffering from LDMD for 30years.

      Please Joy can you show me a picture of the hook?

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