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      Recently, I was forced to stay in bed for a few days due to strep throat. As painful and uncomfortable as I was being sick, I noticed that the pain in my hip that bothered me every day was gone. My physical therapist said that my hip was able to heal and recover due to being in bed for 3 to 4 days. Every time I have a significant illness, I feel I degenerate more, but this was the first time getting sick healed something else in me.

      Have you ever been forced to stay in bed for a few days? How did you entertain yourself? Did you notice any improvements with your MD, or did it get worse?


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        I spend a lot of time in bed due to intense fatigue. I’m sure it’s a combo of my fibromyalgia and OPMD.

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          I’ve had Covid the last 2/3 weeks, so I’ve had a lot of fatigue. My mom’s freaking out because she has MD (FSHD) too, and knows what this means for us, but I’ve been able to move around, just not as much as normal and I’m not back to exercising yet. I try to make sure I don’t degenerate any faster than normal even when I’m sick, but it’s a balance where I’m trying to rest and recover too.

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            Leah Leilani

              Sort of the same thing happened with me and my mom. My boyfriend came down with the day after seeing me. I believe I had Covid but didn’t have severe symptoms and then gave it to my mom who suffered the worst and is still extremely fatigued from it.

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