4 People Who Have Something to Say About Muscular Dystrophy

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These videos show how people living with muscular dystrophy (MD) can smash the stereotypes associated with having a disability, and lead rich and full lives.

First up is 35-year-old Michael Klinkhamer, who has Becker muscular dystrophy. In this video shared by Story Hive, Michael explains that he spends all of his time advocating for the disease. As well as raising awareness of MD, Michael also helps other young people living with the condition get the most out of their lives, helping them realize that they can be more independent than they think with the right guidance.

Michael also explains that people with MD enjoy all the same things as those who don’t have the disease. While they may have to do things slightly differently or do them much more slowly, they can still have the same life experiences.

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In this video from Madeline Mary Evans, Madeline explains how the ukelele is helping her manage the day-to-day aspects of living with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Twelve-year-old Madeline from Utah has been playing the ukelele for 2½ years, and has found that the instrument, along with singing, has given her something positive to focus on. After discovering her muscles were too weak to play other instruments like the piano or violin, the ukelele offered a perfect compromise in terms of size and weight.

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Now she takes great pride in delighting audiences with her singing and playing.

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In this video from Attitude, 21-year-old Blake explains how doctors didn’t expect him to live past the age of 6 after being diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 2.

However, Blake has managed to defy doctors’ expectations and is currently studying at university. In the film, he talks about life with SMA and discusses some of the negative aspects of living with a disability that makes you dependent on other people.

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This video is all about Ethan Britt, a young man living with mild Becker muscular dystrophy. Ethan was diagnosed fairly late in childhood following a fall when playing baseball. Although Ethan is still very strong and doesn’t experience any mobility issues, he’s very vocal about raising awareness of muscular dystrophy and how the disease affects those who have more severe forms.


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